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Sophie and Sian’s secret is revealed

This week, the truth about Sophie and Sian comes out in Coronation Street

Coronation Street

Could Sophie and Sian’s secret be revealed in a worse possible way? It all starts with a row between Claire and Sophie’s mum over little Aadi’s injury. Angry Claire blames Sian and Sophie for it all and, in a shock turn of events, reveals at the same time that she saw the girls sharing a kiss when they should have been looking after Sunita’s son. And it’s not just Sally who hears the shock news, as the argument takes place in front of the secret couple and their nearest and dearest, all en route to Hayley and Roy’s wedding! Sian and Sophie may be laughing off Claire’s comments, but deep inside the girls are more worried than ever before about being the centre of gossip in Weatherfield. And being questioned by the police about what happened to Aadi definitely doesn’t help. The girls feel they have no other option but to leave the cobbles together – what will their loved ones do about it?