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Jury duty keeps Carpenter from premiere

Halloween’ director John Carpenter missed out on the premiere of his new film because he was away in LA on jury duty.

The veteran director was due to attend the world premiere of ‘The Ward’ at the Toronto Film Festival on Tuesday. The horror film, which stars ‘Pineapple Express’ beauty Amber Heard, is Carpenter’s first film in nine years. According to Reuters, Carpenter was ordered to report on Monday for jury duty, despite the producers of ‘The Ward’ attempting to strike a deal with the LA court.

According to insiders close to the director, Carpenter was left fuming by the decision.
Despite his absence, he did film a video introduction, which was played before the film. He joked, “I’m disappointed I can’t be there tonight. If you see my cast members after the screening, please give them money. If you see (the producers), please give them all your illegal substances.”