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Terror Group In Warning To Criminal Bankers

The Real IRA has said it will resume attacks on the UK mainland – with banks and bankers its principal targets.

Vowing to alternate between “military, political and economic targets”, the republican terror group has said that bankers are “criminals” and their role in funding Britain’s colonial and capitalist system “has not gone unnoticed”.

Responding to questions from The Guardian, a spokesman for the Real IRA said: “We have a track record of attacking high-profile economic targets and financial institutions.

“The bankers grease the politicians’ palms, the politicians bail out the bankers with public funds, the bankers pay themselves fat bonuses and loan the money back to the public with interest.

“It’s essentially a crime spree that benefits a social elite at the expense of many millions of victims.”

Although it has just 100 members, the Real IRA has claimed support is on the rise among young disaffected nationalists, according to the paper.

However, unlike the Provisional IRA – which consistently targeted the City of London in the early 1990s and then Canary Wharf in 1996 – it has never launched a serious bombing campaign.

But the terror organisation has told the paper: “We have regrouped and reorganised and emerged from a turbulent period in republican history.

“As we rebuild, we are confident that we will increase the volume and effectiveness of attacks.