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Cheryl Cole and Cher Lloyd: X Factor Face Off

X Factor mentor Cheryl Cole has taken Cher Lloyd under her wing, but now it seems they are becoming the same person. Both singers have style, talent and plenty of fans, but who will win Metro’s Celebrity Face Off?

Diva Status

Cheryl Cole has had her fair share of drama during her eight years in the spotlight. Getting unwanted headlines for her meeting with a certain toilet attendant, a near-death experience with malaria, divorce from a cheating footballer husband… you name it, Cheryl’s done it. Cheryl’s life seems to be relatively drama-free at the moment, but she did reportedly kick up a fuss when her protégé wanted to change her name to Cher-L, deeming it too similar to her own.

Cher Lloyd might have only just reached celebrity status, but she’s trying her hardest to catch up with her mentor. At 17, Cher can’t be expected to have experienced drama on quite the same scale as Cheryl during her short time in the spotlight, but she’s managed to generate an impressive number of column inches. After successfully throwing a strop and being allowed to pick her own clothes during the first live show, Miss Lloyd has managed to be romantically linked to nearly every member of One Direction, and last week upped the stakes by crying in the middle of her performance. Her tiny stature and vulnerable nature have led to her being deemed too fragile to win the competition by some.

Face off round one winner:
Both have had more than their fair share of drama, but Cher just edges it.


When she first burst on to the scene on Popstars: The Rivals in 2002, Cheryl was somewhat lacking in the style stakes. Eight years later and the former Miss Tweedy has turned things around, boasting fully-fledged style icon status. Glam hair and big eyelashes are her signature look, with girls everywhere trying to replicate her style. Since dying her hair hairdressers have been inundated with requests for ‘Cheryl red,’ whilst the tights she wore on The X Factor sold out within days. If that wasn’t enough style for you, she even has her own hairspray and fake eyelashes.

Whilst Cheryl Cole is currently sporting big eyelashes and red hair on The X Factor and wearing trackies during her downtime, Cher is stepping out with… big eyelashes and red hair on The X Factor and trackies during her downtime. Rather than forging any kind of signature look, Cher is going for Cheryl Cole Version II. When she’s not emulating her mentor, Cher tends to resemble a child let loose with the dressing-up box.

Face off round two winner:
There’s only one winner here. The original Cheryl Cole takes this round hands down.


With Girls Aloud, Cheryl notched up five platinum albums and 20 top ten singles. She’s continued her success since going solo, duetting with Will.I.Am and Dizzee Rascal among others. Debut solo album 3 Words went straight to number one in the UK, and follow-up effort Messy Little Raindrops looks set for similar levels of success. However, despite her success, she was recently blasted for miming during her performance on The X Factor.

Prior to The X Factor, Cher’s singing career was restricted to singing at holiday camps. There was widespread uproar when she made it through to the live finals above Gamu Nhengu, but has since gone on the impress the judges. After establishing herself as a bad-girl rapper, her s hock performance of Shakespears Sister’s Stay wowed the judges and was declared ‘performance  of the series’ by Simon Cowell.

Face off round three winner:
Cher might be flavour of the month now, but Cheryl’s impressive career to date wins it.

Winner: Cheryl Cole wins 2-1