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Lily Allen Remixed The most downloaded album in the UK

Lily Allen Remixed is a a very eclectic compilation of remixes and alternatives versions, with different rhythms and styles, made by Manchester-based producer Fritz von Runte for the London singer. When it was released, it became the most downloaded album in the UK within 3 months.

Download Lily Allen Remixed – 23 EOIO-07

01. Everyone’s At it [recreational mix]
02. The Fear [fearchestral version]
03. Not Fair [uncool mix]
04. 22 [23 mix]
05. I Could Say [function mix]
06. Back To The Start [this is just a remix]
07. Never Gonna Happen [what’s happening mix]
08. Fuck You [fossa nova mix]
09. Who’d Have Known [moss side mix]
10. Chinese [toolie mix]
11. Him [riot hymn mix]
12. He Wasn’t There [welsh mix]

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