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Palin’s Dancing Daughter Provokes Gun Seige

A man opened fire on his television with a shotgun because he was so incensed by Sarah Palin’s daughter’s on-screen dancing

Steven Cowan’s actions – provoked by his view of Bristol Palin’s performance on the popular celebrity dance show Dancing With The Stars – sparked an all-night standoff with police.

Court documents revealed Cowan, 67, was “fed up with politics” and thought “Palin wasn’t a very good dancer”.

After blasting the television at his Wisconsin home, Cowan pointed the gun at his wife Janice. She escaped and managed to call the police.

A SWAT team surrounded the couple’s farmhouse throughout the night and negotiators eventually persuaded Cowan to give himself up.

He has been charged with reckless endangerment.

Cowan’s wife said he had been drinking when he sat down to watch Dancing With The Stars.

His wife said he was upset that the controversial US political figure’s daughter was dancing on television even though he felt she did not have talent.

She told officers her husband left the living room and reappeared 20 minutes later with his shotgun, “raging” with his face bright red, and blasted the TV.

“He scared the bejebees out of me,” Mrs Cowan told police.

She reportedly said her husband pointed the gun at her and told her to fetch his pistols.

Dane County sheriff’s department spokeswoman Elise Schaffer said: “It’s kind of sad, actually.”

The internet has been buzzing about how Bristol, who has consistently landed at the bottom of the judges’ leader board, has been able to remain on the ABC show.

Both mother and daughter have denied any organised vote-getting tactics and Bristol, 20, says voters support her because she started the show with no dancing experience.