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Snow Warning: Britain Set For Winter Blast

Snow showers and freezing weather could hit some parts of the UK next week, the Sky News weather department is warning

As Cornwall mops up after heavy rain and flooding, those in the east will need to break out the de-icer as Scandinavian winds blast Britain with cold air.

Sky News weather forecaster Isobel Lang says there will be an increasing threat of snow from the end of next week, mainly for the north and east of the country, with daytime temperatures not rising much above 4C.

The showers could be heavy as we move into December, bringing a risk of more serious accumulations.

“The models are saying there is definite a trend towards colder and wintry weather,” she said.

“The wind will swing in from Scandinavia, bringing with it the threat of snow to eastern parts at the end of next week.

“It’s going to be an interesting week of weather.”

Long range forecasts point to a cold and snowy start to December, especially in the east, with the chilly weather expected to last until at least the second week of the month.

However, Lang said it was too early to say whether we will see a repeat of last year’s record-breaking winter, which saw much of the country covered in snow.

Snow and freezing temperatures in December last year paralysed much of the UK, trapping Eurostar trains in the Channel Tunnel and hitting transport around the country in the run-up to Christmas.