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The Original Jezzball

JezzBall is a video game in which red-and-white balls, referred to as atoms, bounce about a rectangular field of play, or room. The player advances to the next level (with correspondingly higher numbers of atoms and lives) by containing the atoms in progressively smaller spaces, until at least 75% of the area is blocked off. One gains a bonus for eliminating more than 75%, which is calculated from the percentage over 75% that one manages to block off. One must do this while racing against the clock. It is similar to Qix, which was released during the Golden Age of Arcade Games.

JezzBall was programmed by Dima Pavlovsky and introduced in 1992 as part of the Microsoft Entertainment Pack, and also in the later Best of Windows Entertainment Pack. The game is named Jezzball after Jez San, who was a contemporary of Dima at the time. Despite Microsoft withdrawing support in 1996, it still has a dedicated fan base. While JezzBall is available from many abandonware sites, there are several open source and shareware clones of the game that can be legally obtained. No fewer than eight such clones exist, covering nearly every major desktop and PDA operating system

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