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Perhaps she’s just a zombie

The dead coming back to life is the premise of thousands of horror movies and spine-chillers. So funeral home worker Jaime Aullon got the shock of his life when the corpse he was about to embalm started moving. He was about to administer the formaldehyde when he noticed the deceased’s midriff quivering. The ‘deceased’, Noelia Serna, 45, had been pronounced dead at Cali Hospital in Colombia, after suffering a heart attack.

Dr. Miguel Angel Saavedra of the Cali Hospital had monitored the patient with electronic devices but could find no trace of a heartbeat or arterial tension, and declared Ms Serna dead. Her body was duly dispatched to the undertakers.

Aullon told reporters: “I placed my hand [on her nose] and I felt her breathing. I told my partner that she should go back to hospital because she is alive.”

It’s believed that Ms Serna’s miraculous recovery was an example of ‘Lazarus Syndrome’, a phenomenon that has been recorded in medical literature around 25 times since 1982. So called because of the New Testament tale of Lazarus – who was raised from the dead by Jesus – the syndrome is extremely rare and not greatly understood. Some doctors believe that over-stimulation of the heart during CPR (cardiopulmonary respiration) can cause a build up of pressure that ceases electrical activity. When the pressure is released the heart expands, re-triggering the heartbeat.

That’s the scientific theory, at least. But there’s always the possibility that she’s actually a zombie.