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Reebok EasyTone advert banned over inaccurate claims

Adverts for a pair of trainers promising to tone legs and bums have been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) after it was found their claims were misleading.

The TV and magazine adverts for Reebok EasyTone Curve trainers, which are endorsed by the likes of models Kelly Brook and Helena Christensen, were criticised for being inaccurate.

According to the ASA, the brand couldn’t provide sufficient evidence to support its claim in two promotions that the shoes toned people’s ‘legs and bum more than regular trainers’

The TV commercial, which featured women walking, dancing and jumping, states: “Reebok EasyTone. Helps tone legs and bum more than regular trainers. Reebok EasyTone with balanced ball inspired technology. Better legs and better bum with every step.

The trainers’ magazine advertisement showed an outline of a woman with  the headline, “up to 28% more toning in your glutes. Up to 11% more in your calves and hamstrings.

The shoe giant commissioned an independent study which compared the increase in muscle activation in certain parts of the body when wearing the trainers and when walking barefoot. The positive findings were cleared by another advertising approval body,

However, the ASA criticised the sample size of the Reebok study, suggesting it was too small to support the absolute claims made in the ads, and ruled that they must not be run again in their current

The ASA said: “Because we considered that we had not seen robust, scientific evidence to support the efficacy claims made in the magazine ad or the TV ad, we concluded that the claims had not been substantiated and were misleading.

A spokeswoman for Reebok defended the brand. She said: “EasyTone shoes use balance ball-inspired technology. Balance balls are used in gyms around the world and the benefits of this type of training are well documented. Despite these two complaints to the ASA, thousands of consumers have told us they love our shoes and that they work. For us, that’s the most powerful evidence.”