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The Gadget Show: Suzi’s 3D 720p Trailer (yt3d:enable=true) – TOTAL IMMERSION CINEMA

The Gadget Show: Suzi's 3D 720p Trailer (yt3d:enable=true) - TOTAL IMMERSION CINEMASuzi created her very own 3D trailer by mounting two Canon 550D cameras side by side using a Hague Camera Mount. Watch it right here (without the Philips Emotions Jacket!) if you have a pair of coloured glasses. YouTube supports Red/Cyan, Amber/Blue, Green/Magenta glasses. Make sure to bump the resolution up to 720p HD. NB: Polarised 3D glasses, such as those used in RealD 3D projection cinemas are not compatible with YouTube – only ones with colour tinted lenses. For more information about how