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Hospital Treated Dying Man Like An Animal

The father of a man left to die in a hospital corridor has told Sky News he will never forgive the staff who ignored his son – saying they treated him “like a dead animal”.

Peter Thompson, 41, died in a rehab unit at the Manchester Royal Infirmary after being left slumped on the floor without being checked for 10 hours.

CCTV images show nurses stepping over his lifeless body, then dragging him out of the way outside the ward where he was a voluntary patient.

His distraught father, Alan, described hospital staff as “utterly heartless” and said they gave his dying son “no dignity whatsoever”.

He added: “I’ll never, ever, forgive them, as long as I live, for the way they treated my son.”

At the time of his death, Mr Thompson was undergoing treatment for drink and drug addictions.

But he was banned from entering the ward when he arrived carrying alcohol and in an intoxicated state.

Nurses told the inquest they had left him to “sleep it off”.

But 10 hours later, the full horror became clear and an ambulance was called.

A pathologist’s report concluded Mr Thompson died from fatal levels of alcohol and anti-psychotic drugs.

Liver cirrhosis was cited as a contributing factor.

But Manchester coroner Nigel Meadows described his death as “wholly preventable” and said it was clear from doctors that if he had been taken to A&E he could have lived.

Two nurses have since been sacked from from the Manchester Royal Infirmary – and a third was disciplined.

Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust apologised to the family and described Mr Thompson’s death as an “isolated incident”.

Trust Medical Director Dr Sean Lennon said: “On this occasion we fell short of our usual high standard and we are very sorry about this.”

Mr Thompson’s mother, Rene, told Sky News the apology gives her little comfort.

She said: “There was a time when they could have called me, and they didn’t.

“I just can’t imagine him lying there, and them leaving him like that.”