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Psychic Hunted Over Fake Mass Grave Tip-Off

Police are hunting a ‘psychic’ who led them on a wild goose chase after she claimed to know the location of a mass grave containing up to 30 dismembered children.

A helicopter and sniffer dogs were called in as officers combed the area around a rural home near Daisetta in Texas, but no bodies were found.

The woman, who twice called police claiming to be psychic, had provided a good description of the property.

Officers launched a full-scale investigation after blood was found on the porch.

But a judge later declared there was “no crime scene”.

The home’s occupant, Joe Bankson, told reporters he and his wife, both truck drivers, had been away since Sunday and knew nothing about any dead bodies.

“I haven’t killed anybody,” he said.

Captain Rex Evans, of the Liberty County Sherriff’s Office, confirmed no bodies had been recovered.

“We have investigated this part of the scene as much as we can,” he said as officers were leaving the property.