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Ryan Giggs flees UK over affair with sister-in-law


Ryan Giggs has reportedly fled the country after allegations that he conducted an eight-year affair with his sister-in-law.


The Sun reports that Ryan’s brother Rhodri Giggs has split up with his wife, Natasha, after she was quoted in the News of the World as having had a long-term affair with the Manchester United superstar.

And the Daily Express and Daily Star report that the Welshman has now fled the country to avoid the inevitable media glare after the latest tawdry revelations which now threaten to irrevocably overshadow his playing career.

The 37-year-old winger’s glittering career was already tarnished following his alleged affair with model Imogen Thomas and his subsequent attempts to gag the media and Twitter.

With his reputation now seemingly sullied forever, serious questions will now be raised about whether or not his football career will continue as even his aunt joined the chorus of condemnation of a man once universally admired as a clean-living family man.

“It’s horrendous. He has no morals,” Giggs’s paternal aunt Joanna Wilson told the Daily Mirror. “It was one thing having an (alleged) affair with Imogen, but this is said to be with his brother’s wife, for God’s sake.”