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Two Virgin Galactic flights in 24 hours

Virgin Galactic has taken another step towards commercial space travel after completing a test flight double in one day.

SpaceShipTwo, VSS Enterprise, completed two successful glide flights within 24 hours in the Mojave Desert.

This was the quickest turnaround time yet between VSS Enterprise solo flights, reinforcing the unique and transformational ability of Virgin Galactic’s spaceflight system to undertake daily flights to space.

The flights were part of a continuing programme of testing, which if focusing upon envelope expansion, specifically on speed and susceptibility for flutter.

SpaceShipTwo has now completed 12 solo flights since its inaugural flight on October 10th 2010. These dozen flights include two successful “feather” flights, which demonstrated the spaceship’s unique re-entry configuration.

Virgin Galactic recently released footage of SpaceShipTwo’s first feather flight, which you can watch above.

Go to Virgin Galactic to find out more about the test flights and other news from the world’s first commercial spaceline.