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Facebook Unveils Awesome Video Chat

Facebook has announced it is to add video calling through Skype as it tries to head off the challenge of Google’s new social network.

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg said it was an “awesome” development for users and marked the start of the next chapter for social networking.

“We think this is awesome because we’re using the best technology that’s out there for doing video chat with the best social infrastructure that’s out there to create some really cool new scenarios,” he said.

The tie-up allows the social network’s 750 million members to use video chat functions to speak to their friends within Facebook. The service will be free.

The two firms have strengthened their links in recent months ahead of the deal.

Facebook engineers emphasised the ease of use with just one click needed to start a video call.

Skype’s CEO Tony Bates said it was “really gratifying” to see the product incorporated within Facebook.

The announcement comes a week after Google launched its Facebook rival, Google+, which Mr Zuckerberg has signed up to .

The search engine’s social network provides group video conferencing for up to ten people using an application called Hangouts.

Currently, Facebook users are able to use a real-time chat function but only through text. That will be improved to allow chats between groups of people.

The agreement between Skype and Facebook comes just two months after Microsoft reached a deal worth more than £5bn to buy Skype.

Mr Zuckerberg also promised several other developments for the social networking site before the end of the year.

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