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World’s cheapest Veyron up for £54,000

World’s cheapest Veyron up for £54,000

Ever dreamed about having a Bugatti Veyron supercar as your runabout, but put off by the £1.5million price tag? Well that dream has just become far more realistic with the sale of one very special Veyron – for just £54,000.

The £54k used Veyron is hand made, finished in stunning black and red, and has a complete Ford service history.

Yes, that’s a Ford service history. There’s one thing about this particular Veyron that, if you buy it, you might want to keep from the neighbours: it’s an old Ford Cougar underneath.

The car belongs to 25-year-old Mike Duke from Florida, who spent nine months building it from the base of his Ford Cougar coupé, which was worth around £1,000.

On sale now for £54,000, the car isn’t a bad imitation of the real thing, although you’ll notice it has no Bugatti badges, and the wheels are a bit of a giveaway. Still, it’s a fraction what you’ll pay for a legitimate model on the used market or the six- and seven-figure sums that run-out Veyrons were selling for in recent months.

Sadly, this replica will take more than three times longer to hit 62mph than the real Veyron, because its engine is the stock Ford 2.5-litre unit – so no racing with Ferraris.

An original Veyron, with 1,001bhp, takes 2.5 seconds to reach the 0-62mph benchmark, while this pretender does it in 8.2 and tops out at 140mph. The Veyron famously has a 252mph top speed, too.

Mike Duke said of his ambitious creation: “I wanted the million-dollar look without the repair bills, insurance and huge up-front cost. I’m very happy with the finished result and of course driving around in the car gets more comments than you could ever imagine.”