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Amy Winehouse was adopting St Lucia girl

When Amy Winehouse died she was reportedly in the process of adopting a 10-year-old girl from St Lucia.

The singer had planned to visit Dannika Augustine next week, the Sunday Mirror reports.

They met two years ago during Amy’s time on the island, and the girl’s grandmother Marjorie Lambert said they were “inseparable.”

Marjorie revealed that Amy spoke with Dannika’s single mother, Nadia Germaine, who was willing to give up her daughter for adoption as she was struggling to raise her family without a job.

Amy also spoke with Dannika’s father – Marjorie’s Germany-based son, Vic Augustine – who said Amy called him saying that Dannika was taking care of her and she “couldn’t live without her.” He also agreed to the adoption.

Dannika has described Amy’s death as the “worst thing that ever happened” to her and said: “Amy was already my mother. I would call her mum and she would call me her daughter.”

Marjorie says she spoke with Amy just weeks ago to arrange her visit, and the singer “sounded weak and down.”

She added that when Amy was in St Lucia she was “drug-free and normal” and could have lived a happy life on the island.