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Minister Reveals Document On Afghanistan

The International Development Secretary has been photographed leaving Downing Street carrying documents on Ireland and Afghanistan.

The document reveals that the British Government welcomes Afghan President Hamid Karzai standing down after two terms in office.

Sky’s foreign affairs editor Tim Marshall said: “It shows that the Government thinks Afghanistan politics will be in a better place when he is gone.

“It also talks about the problems the United Kingdom has vis-a-vie the finances it is giving Afghanistan.

“Basically, the UK knows that Afghanistan financial ministry is utterly corrupt and it acknowledges that this is giving some difficulty for that flow of UK funds to Afghanistan for the transition.

“If this is a security document, then I think Mr Mitchell will be extraordinarily embarrassed.”

It is not the first time a high profile figure has exposed private documents to photographers.

In 2009, Bob Quick resigned as the country’s most senior counter-terrorism officer after mistakenly revealing a secret document to photographers.

Following the error, he said he thought his position was “untenable”.

A Department for International Development spokesman said: “The papers were of a routine nature.

“They would have had a national security level marking of ‘restricted’ or ‘confidential’ if they contained anything of significant sensitivity.”