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More bins needed to Bag It and Bin It, residents say

TRAFFORD pet owners are calling for more bins to help rid the borough of dog excrement.

Hundreds of residents are backing Messenger’s Bag It Bin It campaign to encourage dog owners to act responsibly and pick up after their pet.

But a common complaint from the campaign’s supporters is a lack of bins as many owners are bagging the waste but are unable to dispose of it.

Bagged waste is often thrown in bushes, left on paths or tied in trees by owners who can’t find a bin.

Problem spots identified include Ashley Road in Hale, around Glebelands Road in Sale, Urmston Meadows and the Meadows near Turn Moss in Stretford.

Aggie Sheppard, from Stretford, has appealed to Trafford Council to provide a bin on Meadow Close in Stretford to encourage more people walking in the Meadows pick up their dog’s mess and dispose of it.

Kay Milne, who owns stables off Glebelands Road in Sale, has created her own signs to ask people not to leave dog waste but said people don’t take it home with them.

“They just don’t care. They tie it in bags in the trees because there are no dog poo bins here,” she said.

Trafford Council, who is backing Messenger’s campaign, said they could not afford to provide additional bins for dog waste.

Instead they are encouraging residents to use ordinary bins in public places or to take their pet’s excrement home and dispose of it there.

Executive Councillor John Reilly said: “We encourage dog walkers to responsibly dispose of their dog waste to help make Trafford a cleaner borough.

“To assist with this, we do provide dedicated dog waste bins wherever possible. Where there are no dog waste bins however, as is the case in this area of Hale, people can use normal litter bins for the same purpose.

“Dog walkers visiting Urmston Meadows are encouraged to follow the Countryside Code, which asks visitors to pick up their litter and take it home with them. However, there is a bin provided for those who would rather dispose of dog waste on site.”