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Scot pupils unearth rare a truffle in their playground

Pupils from Moncrieffe Primary school in Perthshire, Scotland struck gold earlier this week when a group unearthed the first truffles grown in the UK.

The white wild mushrooms, which are extremely rare and expensive, were weeded out of a vegetable patch tended to by a group participating in a healthy eating programme.

Pupil Jason McMillan stumbled across the first truffle the size of a golf ball and initially thought it was a potato.

Luckily, the kids were accompanied by local chef Graeme Pallister, who is mentoring the children about growing their own vegetables and he quickly identified the find as a rare white truffle.


Jane Savage, a teacher at the primary, told STV: “The children are very excited.

“It’s quite hard for them to understand because the only truffle they’ve ever heard of is a chocolate truffle so we had to have an assembly and show them what a truffle looked like and explain what a truffle was and how it was a kind of fungi but still they wish we’d found chocolate truffles.”

Headmistress Karen Young sent the kids out on a truffle treasure hunt after the first was found and now they have unearthed more.

The edible Tuber Maculatum truffles are the first fungi of their kind to be found in Scotland.

School pupils at Moncrieffe are going to keep the truffles that have a short shelf life in the ground for as long as possible until they find a buyer.

There are high hopes that the rarity of the fine dining delicacy will attract chefs the world over to purchase them. The proceeds will go towards a new kitchen and cooking well programme at Moncrieffe Primary school.

Chef Graeme said: “We need the extra funds to put towards the kitchen and here they have found an absolute treasure, an absolute peach so yeah it’s good for them. They had the savvy to say ‘what’s this?’ because the smell was so pungent from it so lucky they did and not just throw it away.”