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Taser Used On Moat Before He Shot Himself

Gunman Raoul Moat was shot by a West Yorkshire Police marksman using an X12 Taser shotgun before he killed himself at the end of a stand-off with armed police last July.

The inquest into Moat’s death heard how the electronic stun device, which had not been authorised by the Home Office, hit Moat while he was holding a sawn-off shotgun to his temple.

Moat cried out and then “shot the side of his head off,” according to a police negotiator who was watching from inside the police cordon.

The jury has been told how the X12, which fires an XREP electronic projectile over a range of 25 yards, had been offered to the police hunting for Moat by the firm that sells Tasers in the UK.

The tactical firearms officer advising officers at Northumbria Police HQ, who was identified only as A10, told the jury he had never seen an X12 and the West Yorkshire Police officers who fired them had never used them before.

He said his handwritten log of events that night read: “One officer deployed XREP which hit Moat who fell and then discharged his shotgun.”

Officer A10, who was screened from journalists in court, said a second X12 Taser was fired at Moat “at some point”.

The officer said his role was to give advice on “how we can utilise firearms to fulfil the [commander’s] strategy,” but said he had never seen an X12 Taser.

“Up until that night I’d had absolutely no training or knowledge [of the X12] other than that the Taser was in existence,” he said.

He told the jury that when he came on duty that night he was given “a list of capabilities and considerations around the XREP” by a West Yorkshire Police firearms officer but was “not actually aware of how that officer had received the information”.

Officer A10 said a decision was taken two or three hours into the six-hour stand-off that the X12 was to be used in a “pre-emptive strike” if Moat tried to take his own life.

He described the weapon as the “last chance saloon” to take Moat alive after all other non-lethal options had been discounted because of range or unreliability.

Officer A10 said he compiled a list of bullet points, including “100% effective” and “You can hit with more than one shot,” which he passed on over the radio to officers who were to be armed with the weapons in Rothbury.

The officer said Moat’s rights under the Human Rights Act meant they “had to do something” to try to prevent him from committing suicide.

The jury has been told they will hear later that the X12 has now been withdrawn from use in the UK