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Emma Watson’s Relationship On The Rocks

Emma Watson and Johnny’s Simmons’ romance is reportedly in trouble, as he refused to move to England with her.

Emma and Johnny have been dating since meeting on the set of their film The Perks Of Being A Wallflower in June.

They looked cosy on a romantic break in New York in September, but they were soon to be apart when Emma moved back to the UK to attend Oxford University.

She told her fans they might not hear from her for a while because she’ll be busy studying.

The Harry Potter actress wanted LA-based Johnny to come to England with her, but he refused and their relationship is now on the rocks, the Daily Mail reports.

A source said: “Emma has been telling people that the relationship is complicated.

“Johnny has been very distant with her and she’s worried that it’s because he’s overwhelmed by her fame. They’ve not seen each other in a while and they’ve barely spoken. She has invited him to come to Oxford, but he has not accepted the offer yet.

“She doesn’t want things to be awkward when they reunite to promote the film, but she’s worried the relationship is over before it even began.”