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Frankie Cocozza Is The Favourite To Leave X Factor

Frankie Cocozza has emerged the favourite… to get the boot from the X Factor this weekend.

The party-loving contestant has topped our poll on which act should get voted off on Sunday’s results show.

The Brighton boy himself said he doesn’t know why people vote for him, saying it’s definitely not for his singing or his hair!

Over 50% of you guys voted for Frankie to get the chop, which is huge considering there are still nine contestants in the mix.

Kitty Brucknell was next on your list, and was very closely followed by Janet Devlin and Johnny Robinson, all of whom got around 10-12% of the vote.

Craig Colton received the fewest votes with just 1% of you wanting him off the show.

With a double elimination looming, there’ll be two contestants bidding farewell to the competition.

Frankie seems a shoe-in to leave: who will join him?