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Gary Barlow takes aim at Louis Walsh

The X Factor star Gary Barlow has taken aim at fellow judge Louis Walsh, insisting he “doesn’t really care” about the acts he mentors.

The Take That singer, who is overseeing the boys’ category, is worried that the over-25 contestants are being neglected by the Irish music producer.

In a candid new interview, Barlow has also suggested that Walsh isn’t interested in looking after his remaining soloists Johnny Robinson and Kitty Brucknell.

He tells Heat magazine, “I think I have seen him once at the house with the contestants. He is in Dublin all week. He doesn’t really care.

“For someone who’s been there for eight years, he’s got some pretty bad habits.”

And the pop star is adamant that the panel’s in-fighting featured on the TV series is genuine.

He adds, “Everyone is fiercely protective (of their acts), so it gets quite heated. It’s real. I don’t get involved in any backstage gossip. There’s nothing staged on the judges’ panel exchanges. It’s always real.”