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Kate Middleton And Prince William To Move Into Bigger Apartment

Prince William and Kate Middleton are said to be ready to leave their two-bedroom apartment in Kensington Palace and move to larger digs.

Prince Harry is on the move too, as he will take over the apartment Wills and Kate have been living in, reports.

Their office is also moving from St. James’s Palace to Kensington Palace.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are heading to an apartment the size of a small mansion which was previously lived in by Queen Elizabeth’s late sister Princess Margaret.

It is a suitable home to raise a family, apparently, which is just as well as Kate sparked pregnancy rumours this week when she refused to eat peanut paste.

It is thought the move will take place by the summer 2013, but a lot of work has to be done first.

A statement says: “Early indications suggest that large quantities of asbestos will have to be removed, as well as work on the heating and hot water systems and electrical wiring.”

It continues: “The extent of the work needed to turn the apartment back into a home is not yet known, but it is expected that the apartment will not be ready for occupation until at least the middle of 2013.”

Diana’s former bodyguard Ken Wharfe said: “It’s ideally centrally-located, it has its own heliport out the back in the shape of Perk’s Field, which is the royal household football pitch. It has everything going for it. It is the obvious location for William and the duchess to settle down.”