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Polish aeroplane makes emergency landing

An aeroplane was forced to make a crash landing at Warsaw airport on Tuesday after problems with its landing gear.

The aircraft which was due to land at 1.35pm local time had circled above Poland’s Frederic Chopin International airport for an hour and dropped fuel before coming down in a belly landing at 2.40pm.

Live TV footage from the incident shows the passenger jet landing on its belly, with a few sparks flying as it struck the runway.

The Boeing 767 carrying 230 people onboard had taken off from New Jersey’s Newark airport.

Warsaw airport was closed to all other flights, nearby streets were cleared, and a landing strip was especially prepared for the crash landing.

“All safety procedures worked perfectly fine and, thanks to this, nobody was injured,” said Leszek Chorzewski, a spokeswoman for the LOT Polish Airlines flight.

An investigation into the incident is underway