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Instant Photo Sketch Pro


InstantPhotoSketch Pro

is a collection of professional “photo-to-sketch” effects. Each of them immitates some painting or drawing style:
1. Pen sketch is a black outline of a picture contours on a white background.
2. Pencil sketch contains an outline like in pen sketch plus the pencil style hatching.
3. Poster reduces the number of colors in the picture to specified number like 2 or 5.
4. Oil painting immitates the brush strokes.

Each effect has a set of configurable options to get the best visual and aesthetic apearance.


upon starting this up after installing it
its simple to use as you would expect nice little folder icon to
click to browse for an image to open up once you open an image simpley
select the pen,pencil,poster,color sketch and your done
if you dont like the outcome then use the sliders and
make it your own and save …..

great little program by a fantastic software developer
give it a try and you will buy it …..

photo used in my screenshot is (c) to me one of my own models