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Movavi Video Editor


Movavi Video Editor 9

Make your own movies – it’s as easy as 1-2-3!

Making your own movies has never been so easy with movavi video editor cutting resizing clipping and special effects are so simple to do …  you can import any movie video clip files images and audio into your project and apply any of the special effects to them to make your project POP …  …  easy chromakey overlay for videos effect built in one click effect and just drag your new background / photo or video and save………. you can save for any type of device web phone tablet even save in 3D if thats your thing / stereo or anaglyph formats for 3D ..

add any type of text to your movie including scrolling text link in star wars where the text moves up the page …  loved that have already made 2 movie projects with that effect #starwarsfan ..

plenty of fade effects to blend clips together you just need to placea fade inbetween each clip and your done its that easy……

but dont take my word for it go get it now and give it a try…

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