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PortraitPro – portrait professional


PortraitPro – portrait professional

World first: New PortraitPro 12 offers face re-lighting for the most natural portrait enhancement
PortraitPro 12 incorporates some radical new features and enhancements including:
World first: Face re-lighting for truly natural face enhancement

With PortraitPro 12, even untrained, non-specialist users can quickly and easily do amazing things to portraits. You can:

Automatically eliminate skin blemishes such as spots or pimples leaving completely natural looking skin, however big the blemish.
Adjust the lighting on a face to bring out its natural beauty, or to add drama to the image.
Remove grease, sweat or unsightly white highlights from the skin.
Reduce or remove wrinkles and lines, again leaving exceptionally natural looking skin.
Subtly re-shape the face to make it slimmer and more attractive.
Brighten or change eye color, and enhance whiteness of the eyes.
Whiten teeth, recolor and re-shape the lips.
Thicken, color and smooth hair.

The different editions of the software:

All editions support both 32 bit and 64 bit operation.
PortraitPro 12

This is the standalone version of the software and offers all of PortraitPro’s sophisticated face, skin and hair touch-up and lighting facilities, but does not include RAW file support. Also, it does not include the Studio Edition’s plug-in capabilities or the Studio Max Edition’s automatic ‘batch mode’ productivity features.
PortraitPro Studio 12

This is the mid range version of the software aimed at photographers who wish to work directly with RAW files and integrate the software with Lightroom®, Aperture or Photoshop® to speed workflow.
PortraitPro Studio Max 12

The top end version. PortraitPro Studio Max offers maximum automation, minimum effort, and total creative control. Capable of automatically processing hundreds of photographs without human intervention, Studio Max is for those who require the highest quality enhancements to be automatically applied to large batches of photographs, while retaining total creative control.
System requirements
PC :

Windows 8.1. 8, 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
1Ghz CPU or better
1GB RAM minimum recommended. To handle large images (8 megapixel or more) you would benefit from having 2GB or more RAM

Mac :

Requires an Intel Mac with OSX 10.6 or later.