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Arcsoft Portrait+ Plus



Arcsoft Portrait+ Plus

Auto Retoucher for Portraits

The first auto portrait retoucher
Super-efficient batch processing saves your time and money
Accurate faces detection and natural skin-smoothing technologies
User-friendly workflow lets anyone create stunning portraits

With an innovative retouching program like ArcSoft’s Portrait Plus, you can remove blemishes, smooth skin and even manipulate facial features to make your photos look amazing. Filled to the brim with features and tools, Portrait Plus is one of the best photo enhancers available and is our TopTenREVIEWS Gold Award winner.

Automatic detection with unmatched precision

Can detect up to 30 faces in a photo.
Accurately and automatically detect 24 key facial points on each face.
Automatic detection of all visible skin.

Batch processing results in amazing efficiency

Import a whole folder of photos or hundreds of images within seconds.
Apply intelligent, stunning presets to all of your portraits with one click.
Tweak filters and apply them individually or in a batch.
Flexibly batch export all photos to any folder with adjustable size and quality.
Supports multiple RAW file formats for importing. (Mac)

Smart tools to enhance retouching

Blemish Removal eliminates or reduces pimples, wrinkles and other imperfections and blends perfectly into the original skin texture.
Reshape and fine tune facial features easily by moving sliders.
Want more? Optional makeup kits allow you to beautify your portraits with just a few clicks.

Tips and Tricks

If you want to retouch one or more specific faces in a group photo, you only need to disable the face detection for the others.
Comparison interface allows you to pick the best effects easily.
The editing styles you customize can be saved as new presets and applied to portraits.


there are not that many of these programs around that do
such a fantastic job of making even the most not so good looking
person #me looking good yes i did do a test on myself lol
and looked great…..

its as simple as one click to do any action for the beginner
user like me and a whole host of advanced sliders and cleaning tools
that i havent even started to look at

all i can say is download the demo and give it a try
its well worth spending your money on
and if your in two minds here is a 40% coupon code