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ArcSoft TotalMedia Theatre



 TotalMedia Theatre
The All-in-one Blu-ray Player For A Superior Visual Experience

Professional player for Blu-ray, 3D, HD, DVD, and standard videos
Fully supports 4K video playback
Seamless integration with Windows Media Center
Turn SD videos into HD and 2D videos into 3D
Wirelessly play HD and Blu-ray videos on your PC to TV, projector and other certified devices over Miracast
Windows 8 modern UI, standard desktop UI and Media Center UI allow usage in your preferred environment

Cinema-like Blu-ray playback

Smooth Blu-ray playback and ultimate feature support
Seamless integration with MCE makes Blu-ray movie viewing possible for whole family
Support all three Blu-ray disc video formats (MPEG-2, AVC, and VC1)
Enjoy Blu-ray 3D videos in just few clicks
Fully supports 1080p Blu-ray playback
Powerful Smart Menu similar to Blu-ray menus for DVD and video-based content

Watch movies in dazzling 3D

Play 3D movies and video files including Blu-ray 3D, AVCHD 3D, 3D DVDs, and 3D videos
Create 3D videos in real-time from 2D videos and DVDs with ArcSoft Sim3D™ technology
Set left/right, top/bottom, and anaglyph 3D modes manually
Adjust depth perception to customize your 3D experience
Supports popular 3D equipment: NVIDIA 3D Vision Ready Display, AMD HD3D Technology, Intel S3D Display, Micro-polarized 3D LCD, 3D Ready DLP HDTVs and even anaglyph on standard displays
Automatic refresh rate matching allows for smooth frame-perfect playback


every computer needs a good media player and this
one goes way beyond a good one  you can play 2d movie in 3d
and thats just one of its features ###################

all i can say is download the demo and give it a try
its well worth spending your money on
and if your in two minds here is a 40% coupon code