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Lucis Pro


Lucis® Pro  Adobe® Photoshop® Plug-in. Two sliders. Amazing artistic results. No learning curve.

The only thing that would be easier is a one-click preset, but then where’s the creative control?

Images contain far more information than our eyes can discern. Lucis views each image as a unique set of relative contrasts. Lucis is a translator, making visible those contrast variations you wish to see while diminishing the contrast variances not of interest. Lucis shifts the emphasis of contrast variations but does not throw away image data.

Using only one variable, the Enhance Detail slider, Lucis enhances detail in the dark, bright, and mid-range contrast areas simultaneously.

Lucis is the easiest and most accurate way to reveal detail. The results are amazing.

The Smooth Detail slider is used to do the same thing only in reverse- to diminish contrast variances. Two simple controls provide incredible ability to determine what aspects of the image to make visible. Frequently Lucis reveals beautiful artistic variations of the image that were never imagined.

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