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PhotoDemon – portable photo editor

PhotoDemon is a portable photo editor focused on performance and usability. It is 100% free, and completely open-source.

What makes PhotoDemon unique?

It is lightweight and completely portable

PhotoDemon is designed to be run as a standalone program. No installer is provided or required. It does not touch the Windows registry, and aside from a temporary file folder – which you can specify in the Options dialog – it leaves no trace of itself on your hard drive. Many people choose to run PhotoDemon from a USB drive. It will run on any Windows machine from XP through Windows 8.1. It can easily be run from a portable USB drive or SD card.

It integrates macro recording and batch processing

Complex editing actions can be automated by recording them as macros (similar to Office software). Once recorded, any combination of actions can be automatically applied to other images. Macros fully integrate with a built-in batch processing tool – simply choose a saved macro and a folder or list of images, and PhotoDemon will apply the macro to every image automagically.


found this little gem while searching the web for a simple chroma key
software for basic edits to save time if i have small items to cut from
green/blue backgrounds saves opening one of many heavy memory use software
and it works like a charm .. many other features that i have not had time
to play with yet but if you need something to edit your photos and dont
want to wait for gimp to load up give this a try …

faster than gimp / more easy to use than getpaint

try it today PhotoDemon