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Axialis Screensaver Producer

Axialis Screensaver Producer

Axialis Screensaver Producer

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Axialis Screensaver Producer

Creating state-of-art screensavers with sprites (animated objects moving on screen) has never been easier. For example, you’ll be able to create in minutes a cool screensaver with your company logo bouncing on screen.

Images with transparency (including alpha-channel) are supported. Several options are available: Bouncing on the screen borders, realistic collisions between objects and more…..

If you use to create Macromedia Flash® movies, you’ll produce limitless screensavers. The product is fully compatible with SWF movies up to MX. You can produce full screen or scaled playback.

An interesting feature permits to create interactive screensavers (the user can click in movie to interact with the screensaver).

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Having only used this for a few weeks now i am not even touching the sides of all of this programs features as there are many to use…..   the best way to start is open ready made screensaver project and look at how it works then replace the images / sprites / gfx with your own and see how it looks…

as a novice when it come to designing a screensaver im looking at a world of new ideas using  axialis screensaver producer ….  (