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Flux Lighters


Flux Lighters ( plasma arc lighter )

first off im going to tell you the cons
of having one of these.

if like me you do not use your phone as a flashlight
rather use my lighter not with one of these
they are not bright enough to use as a quick light…

thats the con/s over with…..

no need to keep topping up with fuel
petrol or gas (whatever style you go for)
no flints to change no wicks to replace no
damaged skin on your thumbs from flicking
the wheel of a petrol style lighter anymore

as long as you have access to a
wall socket, usb port, power bank/bar,
solar charger (not tried the latter but will once i have a solar charger)
then you will never run out of fuel for these lighters
only had mine for one day and i love it……