Stretford , Urmston , Trafford Photographer

PAINT 2 IT – The Non Spill Paint Tray

This is one of the most usefull
painting accessories you will ever have in your kit
the small fibers in this hold your paint so you
dont spill, drip, any of it …
as there is nothing worse than when you are up
a ladder doing some cutting in around the ceiling
and you drop your paint pot ( or tin )
i had a small plastic pot with a handle on it untill now

it holds enough paint for cutting in for half a roon
thats either ..  door frame plug sockets lights and some
of the skirting boards..
or full ceiling (depending on how much paint needs going on)

if your always dropping your tin or paint tray then this handy

product is a must for you


visit paint2it now to get yours..