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Pet Photography – Stretford


if your in need of a photo of your beloved pet let me come and

get some photos in your pets natural home . i will spend around 30 mins

taking photos to capture him/her at there best and you will get all

the images as a download within 2 days all for £10…….

Lightcase – Portable Mini Photo Studio


Designed for online sellers.

The original photo studio designed especially for smartphones.
No need for artificial lighting, the Lightcase uses a smart
material that enhances the available natural light. Giving
you clear, natural, professional looking photos.
Use it anywhere. Set up in seconds. Get studio quality
photos fast. Anyone selling and marketing
online needs a Lightcase.

We know what it’s like when you’ve got a great product to
sell and just want to get it online and selling fast.
But first you need great photos. So get yourself a Lightcase!

Time is of the essence in small business

Running a small business and wearing all the hats means
finding quick, efficient ways to get the job done.
The Lightcase is a simple, highly effective and low tech
way to photograph products.

Behind the Lightcase is a team of Designer/Makers
who know all too well the importance of quality photos
when selling online. We came up with the Lightcase to
help us get studio quality photos without the cost, time
and equipment. We originally launched the Lightcase on
Kickstarter with rave reviews and worldwide support.
We have since had Lightcase batch no. 2 produced and received
wonderful response from designers all around the world who
have seen their businesses transformed by the Lightcase.




Solar Eclipse 2015

just a few images from the 2015 solar eclipse in the uk

Chinese new year 2015 manchester

just a few snaps of the dragon parade in chinatown manchester

from the 2015 new year ….

IMG_5106_HDR IMG_5115_HDR IMG_5119_HDR IMG_5123_HDR

Free Photo Editing Software

a small list of some great freeware software that will lend a hand at
full editing of images to software that can give small effects and colour
changes and nothing else here is an ongoing list check each site for
a rundown of what each software has to offer


Paint net




MAGIX Photo Designer 7

will add more when testing or user submitted

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