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Royalty Free images

Clothes pegs on a washing line #stockphotos

a few free images of clothes pegs on a washing line free to use as they are

watermark must be left in the photo these are low res websized images

full sixe images can be bought if needed contact me from aboveand send me the page link

so i know what images your after .. thanks Darren .

Make Money Selling Sexy Selfies

Image by theDragonKing100 on deviantART

first of thanks for stopping by my site
what im offering here is the chance for you to make a little money
and i know we all need extra cash at any time of the year so here is what
im offering………………..

its not setup yet but one of my old domains is just sitting there and to use it
im going to list your selfies on there own page

listings will look like…

your chosen name
and price of the set…..
link to your facebook or twitter page
so people can contact you to buy…

no i wont add payment links on the page due to the fact paypal
will bann your account for selling adult content

you must be over 18 years old to get your selfie sets listed
and there must be a minimum of 20 images per set
if you dont want to go nude then at least lingerie to implied topless / bikini

price im charging to list each selfie set is the rights to use the selfie set as i want to
this includes selling the set on in a bundle of sets and using it to promote the selfie website
to get more sales into you…. you can charge what you like for your sets but
you must give a price to me to put on the page and stick to it or charge less
when you get a contact

a model release form must be signed and a photo of you holding a photo id card is also a must..

if this  sounds like something you want to do then email me at

Free Fruit Stock Photos

here are 4 free stock photos of fruit to use as you want…….

all photos are watermarked and websize 600pix at the longest side

use as you want to but do not pass of as your own

(c) Darren Lewis 2014……………