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Jixipix Software Premium Pack

Jixipix Software Premium Pack

Jixipix Software Premium Pack

Standalone Product that bundles 18 incredible products in one powerful package. Also includes plugin for Photoshop, Elements, Lightroom and PaintShop Pro

For maximum savings and convenience,
the Premium Pack bundles 18 incredible creative apps into one powerful package:
Artista Haiku,
Artista Oil,
Artista Sketch,
Dramatic Black&White,
Kyoobik Photo,
Moku Hanga,
NIR Color,
Pop Dot Comics,
Portrait Painter,
Rainy Daze,
Romantic Photo,
Simply HDR,
Snow Daze
Vintage Scene.

The Premium Pack comes wrapped together for convenience — one application, one installer,
one interface, and a plugin for Photoshop, Elements, Lightroom and PaintShop Pro.

with plenty of options under each selection and a ( random dice button )
that will select loads more random options to create many more
effects this software will not disappoint….

available in a premium pack or single files for windows / mac
some are also available for android and apple / phones / tablets

try it out today..



New Brighton Lighthouse or Perch Rock Lighthouse

Perch Rock Lighthouse

Perch Rock Lighthouse

New Brighton Lighthouse or Perch Rock Lighthouse, is a decommissioned lighthouse situated at the confluence of the River Mersey and Liverpool Bay on an outcrop off New Brighton known locally as Perch Rock. Together with its neighbour, the Napoleonic era Fort Perch Rock, it is one of the Wirral’s best known landmarks

Jeta Logo Designer

Jeta Design Software

Jeta Design Software

It’s simple, fast and powerful software for logo design,
icons and business web graphics. Jeta has over 5000 vector shapes,
styles and templates, which makes it use even simpler and faster.
Start your design from one of over 400 templates, modify it by
replacing shapes and styles and you will get unique design
in just a few minutes!

review coming soon.

PAINT 2 IT – The Non Spill Paint Tray

This is one of the most usefull
painting accessories you will ever have in your kit
the small fibers in this hold your paint so you
dont spill, drip, any of it …
as there is nothing worse than when you are up
a ladder doing some cutting in around the ceiling
and you drop your paint pot ( or tin )
i had a small plastic pot with a handle on it untill now

it holds enough paint for cutting in for half a roon
thats either ..  door frame plug sockets lights and some
of the skirting boards..
or full ceiling (depending on how much paint needs going on)

if your always dropping your tin or paint tray then this handy

product is a must for you


visit paint2it now to get yours..



DIY Light painting kit #lightpainting

Diy Light Stick

If your just getting into light painting this
is a cheap way of starting off as a kit can
cost you upto £140 GBP

materials you will need ( im linking to 4D model shop )
as the prices here are a lot cheaper than where i have
found online ..

Perspex tube 40mm diameter £11.45
Glass frosting spray (as a clear tube will not work) £11.70
a torch , and some gaffa tape

i picked my torch up from quality save here in the uk
for under £3 its only 50 lumens but still very bright
and is around 34mm diameter so needs taped up to fit
inside the perspex tube…

and i have always got gaffa tape but any good tape will
do the job , if you dont want to gunk up the end of a
torch then just use some masking tape it works just as good..

from the images below we cut the tube to a size we needed
500mm (50cm) using a basic jnr hacksaw
then used the frost spray to cover the whole tube
let it dry (and spray in a well vented space)
as like i said above a clear tube will not work

size the torch up and use as much tape as needed
to buffer the gap we made ours a very tight fit so
we can swing it around and not have it fall out

we also added an end cap we picked up for change
in a hardware shop

A big thank you to the guys at 4D model shop for sorting us out