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Micnova MQ-VT Series DSLR Trigger


Micnova MQ-VT Series DSLR Trigger

From the site

Motion Trigger Model

The unit’s motion triggering modes uses a Passive Infrared(PIR) sensor.It detects movement of infrared(IR)
sources,such as humans or animals,from up to 5 meters(16.4 feet) away,and smaller wildlife at a closer range.
when the sensor detects IR motion within it’s field of view(Horizontal:94 degree,vertical:82 degree),it will trigger
your camera shutter.
Move the mode switch to Motion to activate motion triggering mode,For best result,adjust your camera’s settings
appropriate for your triggering situation before use,mount the device & your camera on a stand or a tripod for
stable triggering.

Lighting Trigger Model

It’s a great challenge to capturing lightning when it strikes.With this trigger,things goes much more easier.Once
the trigger detects a flash or burst of light,will activate the camera’s shutter within 0.1 ms.

For orperation in lightning mode,point the sensor & camera in the area you expecting a lightning flash.Attach your
trigger to a tripod or a stand for best result.
Move the mode switch to Lightning to activate lightning trigger mode.For best result,start at a 10 second exposure &
adjust your camera’s exposure settings while adjusting the strigger’s sensitivity using the dial on the left side of the
unit.Set your camera /Lens to manual focus.

Sound Trigger  Model

The sound trigger mode uses a insert microphone sensor.It trigger the camera once the microphone detect any
sound,such as snapping finger,clappintg hands,or voice from human/wildlife within approximately 2 meters.
Some suit situations like:breaking moment of glass,puncturing a ballon filled with water.


0.1ms response time from lightning event to shutter release

5m PIR passive motion triggering capability when in Motion Mode;

Sound Trigger within approximately 2 meters

Power:IEC LR03 AAAx 2(not included)

Compatible with:

Canon    Nikon     Sony    Olympus


i have had the chance to have a bit of a play with one of these
camera triggers over the last few days but not in the way that
they were made for………….

i have been testing it out for high speed photography
water drop photography and water balloon popping
and as you can see from the image above its not to bad
we did not spend a lot of time setting up or used good lighting
on the water drop photos but if we had / when we do there will
be more images posted below in a gallery…

our water drop setup was 2 macro led ring lights with low batteries
a small plastic takeaway carton filled with water
and a used party popper upside down to drip water from…

the #micnova trigger was setup in sound mode to trigger
our camera on the sound of the dripping water
so a quiet room was needed along with setting the trigger to almost
at its highest point but as you can see by the image we used its not
too bad just leave your camera in place for a few mins and it will take multiple
images some good bad and great

just remember to set your camera up first.. in manual mode and manual focus
the lens on the point where the water drips at ….
use a ruler as a guide so you can focus on something

over all i love this trigger and will use it as the instructions say
it was meant for….
will have it out for some wildlife photos in the summer

watch this space for the images………….

visit micnova now and get your self one

Lemarchand’s box – Lament Configuration – hellraiser

20160209154558_IMG_9359_tnLemarchand’s box is a fictional lock puzzle or puzzle box appearing in horror stories by Clive Barker, or in works based on his original stories. The best known of these boxes is the Lament Configuration, which features prominently throughout the Hellraiser movie series. This was designed and made by Simon Sayce, one of the original creative team. A Lemarchand’s box is a mystical/mechanical device that acts as a door — or a key to a door — to another dimension or plane of existence. The solution of the puzzle creates a bridge through which beings may travel in either direction across this “Schism”. The inhabitants of these other realms may seem demonic to humans. An ongoing debate in the film series is whether the realm accessed by the Lament Configuration is intended to be the Abrahamic version of Hell, or a dimension of endless pain and suffering that is original to the Hellraiser films.

get your replica puzzlebox from thehorrorcorner on etsy

Pixeluvo – Beautiful Images Made Easy


Pixeluvo is a new generation of photo editing software designed for Windows and Linux users. Equipped with a full set of cutting edge tools, features and functions, Pixeluvo offers users a Photoshop-style experience but with an affordable price tag Coupled with a streamlined and intuitive user interface, Pixeluvo is a must have tool for any amateur photographer wanting to create premium results.


Unlike other high end photo editing tools that require hefty investments of both time and money, Pixeluvo is simple, streamlined and affordable. The powerful image manipulation tool is ideal for part-time photographers that want to keep overheads down, without settling for a substandard finished product.   


Thanks to the integration of powerful features and functions, Pixeluvo users can edit images to an utterly professional standard. The suite offers full support for RAW image editing which allows users to make the most of the extra precision available in unprocessed files. For part-time photographers or hobbyists wishing to remove or replace backgrounds, insert objects or paint out unwanted articles, the complete set of layer based tools meet the highest industry standards. Tools such as Spot-Heal, Clone, Filter and Warp are also ideal for polishing photo portraits to smooth skin, remove imperfections or change eye colour. The suite also fosters creativity and experimental ventures, allowing users to create complex photo montages, simulate real drawing media and more. 


To find out more about Pixeluvo and to download a free trial, visit:


Free Photoshop Snow Overlay


one file .jpg format..
Format                           : JPEG
Width                            : 5 184 pixels
Height                           : 3 204 pixels
Chroma subsampling               : 4:4:4

Free to download and use as you want there
is no watermark on the overlay..
and yes jpg format not .png

open up your photo software photoshop / elements / g.i.m.p

open your photo you want to add snow too and then open
our snow overlay ..  drag or add it as a new layer
then set the (layers /normal to screen) on the snow layer
then adjust the opacity to what you need it

if you need to add another layer in white / grey
and set the opacity of that to low 30% or less to give
another extra effect..

not much of a tutorial but since we dont get much
snow in the uk this will give your photos the snow effect you need

please note we are using mediafire as our file host
we can NOT be held responsable for any content adverts shown on that site

Download the file



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