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Sky News Man Smuggled Into Syria

Sky News Man Smuggled Into SyriaWARNING: This report contains pictures of a dead body Sky’s Foreign Affairs Editor Tim Marshall was smuggled into the city Homs in Syria after new demands from the Arab League for President Assad to hand over power to his deputy were rejected. Arab League observers have been touring the country – including a visit to Homs. It has witnessed some of the worst violence seen in the country over the past ten months.

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Idlib, Syria: City Prepares For Attack From Assad’s Army

Idlib, Syria: City Prepares For Attack From Assad's ArmyThe northern city of Idlib is controlled by the Free Syrian Army – made up of defectors from the government’s forces – but residents are preparing for an attack from Assad’s army. Troops have reportedly been seen moving outside the city, bringing fears that the violence could be on the scale of what’s already been seen in Homs. Our special correspondent Alex Crawford is in Idlib and sent this report.

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