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AutoPlay Menu Designer

AutoPlay Menu Designer

Quickly Build Autorun Menus. Or Anything You Can Imagine
Whenever you need to build an autorun menu for any removable media including CD, DVD or a USB drive to execute automatically any time a user inserts that media into the computer – Autoplay Menu Designer delivers an easy, convenient and 100% coding-free way to do this! Although using its vast capabilities you can create any full-functional interactive application in few minutes even if you have literally no programming skills at all.

Autoplay Menu Designer’s rich interactivity allows implementing almost any idea and fulfilling any need you may have as a developer. You can make any element of your application interactive, be that a button, a link or an image, and assign one of the impressive range of available actions to it: execute a program, open a folder, go to another page of the menu, play a sound, send an e-mail, run a PDF or PowerPoint presentation or open the given URL – virtually anything is possible!

Build a Windows-based executable with a click, or if you prefer cross-platform execution, make a Web application so both Windows and Mac users could enjoy it. Distribute your app on CD/DVD disk or USB drive, or upload it to your website to give access to anyone connected to the Internet.

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