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Government Gives High Speed Rail Link The Green Light

Government Gives High Speed Rail Link The Green LightIt’s being hailed as the ambitious new project which will finally make Britain’s rail network fit for the 21st century — and provide a much needed boost to the economy . But critics say the Government’s plans for a new High Speed rail link are flawed, citing evironmental damage, a massive 32-billion-pound price tag, and the length of time — 15 years — it will take to build. Sky’s Alistair Bunkall reports.

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Transport Chaos As Snow Blankets Britain

Transport Chaos As Snow Blankets Heavy snowfall across Britain has caused transport chaos, with cars and lorries stuck on roads, airports closed and trains cancelled. Sky’s Jane Dougall reports.

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Giant Pandas Arrive In Edinburgh

Giant Pandas Arrive In EdinburghThe first Giant Pandas to live in Britain for more than 20 years have arrived at their new home in Scotland. Tian Tian and Yang Guang – or Sunshine and Sweetie – arrived at Edinburgh Airport this lunchtime looking none the worse for the five thousand mile journey. Now Zookeepers hope the 8-year-olds will settle in so well they could produce Scotland’s first native born panda cub. Sky’s James Matthews was there to welcome them.

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UK Enjoys Scorching October Weather

UK Enjoys Scorching October WeatherBritain has recorded the hottest October day on record with the mercury rising to just over a sweltering 29 degrees celsius. Locals in Scarborough have been out in force to catch the unexpected heatwave.

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Amanda Knox Back In Seattle After Four-Year Prison Ordeal

Amanda Knox Back In Seattle After Four-Year Prison OrdealAmanda Knox has spoken publicly for the first time since being cleared of the murder of Meredith Kercher. The 24-year-old arrived in America, saying she was overwhelmed to be back — and thanked her family and supporters for believing in her. Our senior news correspondent, Ian Woods, was on the flight to Seattle with Amanda Knox — his report contains flash photography.

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