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Golfers Brave Shark-Infested Course!

Golfers Brave Shark-Infested Course! If you’re tired of golf’s usual challenges, a course near Brisbane has a unique test to get your teeth into. Beyond the bunkers at the Carbrook golf club, there’s an altogether more menacing deterrent. Jonathan Samuels went to investigate the scariest hole in golf.

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New White Flame Rasta Donut Bubbler!!!

New White Flame Rasta Donut Bubbler!!!Testing out my new peice from White Flame Glass that I got at Urban Legends in Nelson, BC and it works fantastically! I also want to let everyone know that I will be hosting another Marijuana March this year, on May 2nd! Except this time it's in beautiful Nelson!!! I already know this years march is going to be great please come out or find a march near your town because it happens in over 300 countries around the world on May 2nd and 9th!!! Thanks for watching everybody…Much love from Ivy

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New iCP’s Saga ( On iCP!!!!! )

New iCP's Saga ( On iCP!!!!! )ok READ THIS PLEASE OR YOU WONT KNOW!!…. If you want to be in it first you have to have iCP download and good iCP clothes. To download iCP go to: then go to the trainers page and click iCP.exe download get school clothese or good clothes. To meet me for a try out send me a private message… comment for question becuz i know i didnt answer them all and yes there will be cussing… lol

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