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Beginner DSLR Photography basics: Aperture and depth of field guide

Beginner DSLR Photography basics: Aperture and depth of field guideBeginner guide to aperture and Depth of Field. If you want to get a blurry background, or take a landscape that is sharp from to back, then watch this video. This video tries to explain the basic principle of aperture. What it is. What it does How its used The effect it has. Different lenses have different apertures, so please bear that in mind, you lens may not go to f/1.4 or f/22. Also, I havent talked about diffraction in this video. This is when a lens starts to loose sharpness due to a

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Nikon Coolpix S3000 Unboxing

Nikon Coolpix S3000 UnboxingThis is an unboxing of the Nikon Coolpix S3000 digital camera from Nikon’s Coolpix series. This camera is great and takes pictures like a regular professional camera would. It is easy to carry around, use, and takes pictures very quickly with its point-and-shoot capabilities. It is a great camera for aspiring photographers who are just starting and want to become a photographer. It is about $150, so the price is great for what you get out of the camera. Thanks for watching this video and please

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The Company Men (2011) English Trailer

The Company Men (2011) English TrailerWritten & Directed by:John Wells Produced by: John Wells,Paula Weinstein,Claire Rudnick Polstein Cast: Ben Affleck,Chris Cooper,Kevin Costner,Tommy Lee Jones Music by: Aaron Zigman Cinematography: Roger Deakins Editing by: Robert Frazen Studio: Company Men Productions Distributed by: The Weinstein Company Plot: The film analyzes the effects of corporate downsizing Ben Affleck plays a white-collar corporate employee who, after losing his six-figure salary, is offered a job installing drywall from

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