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Street Photography Basics

Street Photography BasicsStreet photography, while exciting and spontaneous, can also be intimidating and awkward, seeing that strangers are usually the subject. If you are interested in or new to street photography, join Nichole Paschal as she covers some basic tips and ideas on how to capture intriguing moments.

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CoffeeCup Animation Studio


CoffeeCup Animation Studio

Slick Animation for Everyone.

You want your website to grab attention. To be flashy. To move. Getting people to notice your webpages is the first step toward success on the ’Net. With cool animated images built in Animation Studio, you can have custom images that tell your story—in motion. Just load up your frames, fine-tune the speed, and put ’em on the web. Now your page is truly moving.

Animations are built from a series of similar images called frames that give the illusion of movement when shown back-to-back. In two quick movements, you can add your frames and apply properties to all at once. Set the delay between each frame, configure image transparency, and more. Import JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, and even our own WIF files.

Living Pictures make your site more interesting and keep visitors coming back. These unique unreal photos are so fun that people are likely to share your website with everyone they know.

For last-minute touch-ups, original artworks, and everything in-between, use the image editor. A range of drawing tools gives you the power to draw, erase, fill, and more—right on the frames that make up your animation.

Add layers to give you more room to experiment. Want to include fancy curving text? Simply swap out a color? Draw a smily face? Perfect your frames right there in the image editor without having to take it to another program.

Convert AVI to GIF.

You can take your favorite video clips and turn them into fun, looping GIFs. Use the built-in wizard to clip, crop, and convert in just a few steps, then put them on your website or share them with friends. You can convert both AVI and WMV to GIF.

making animated gif images for your website
has never been so easy with CoffeeCup Animation Studio
add your images select the timing for each one and edit them
with the inbuilt image editor ..

great for making web gfx / banners / adverts and more..

give it a try today download your trial copy now

Apple iPad 2: 16GB Black Wifi Unboxing (first impressions)

Apple iPad 2: 16GB Black Wifi Unboxing (first impressions)I sat in the Target for 3 hours! But I was the first person to buy one there!Expect a Awesome Review Soon! Thanks For Watching! I LOVE it so far!

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How Jailbreak Untethered on ios 4.2.1 on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad using Green Poison (Fixed)

How Jailbreak Untethered on ios 4.2.1 on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad using Green Poison (Fixed)UPDATE: Green Pois0n has been released for Windows and Linux as Well as Mac and the Bugs are fixed Downloads: Greenpois0n — Diskaid — Fixed Loader —

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