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Street Photography Basics

Street Photography BasicsStreet photography, while exciting and spontaneous, can also be intimidating and awkward, seeing that strangers are usually the subject. If you are interested in or new to street photography, join Nichole Paschal as she covers some basic tips and ideas on how to capture intriguing moments.

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Smart Photo Editor


Smart photo editor is an all in one software
for the most basic / novice people to get the
most out of there images with simple one click functions
you dont need to have photoshop to get the results you
want to get that the pro’s do..

so easy to use and loads of ready made effects to make your
images stunning that they will look like a pro shot it and edited it

give it a go find the software at..


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urban legends-the babysitter and the man upstairs

urban legends-the babysitter and the man upstairswe wanted to make this speical so we added sound effects and stuff!!!!!!!!!!! written by joespectron- idea by skatebomb222- please sub!!!!!! a good babysitter babysitts a boy named david but a stranger is in the house waiting for the babysitter the babysitter is the next victim rated:pg contains mild voilence —————————–story———————— a babysitter (joespectron) babysitts a child named david the father (skatebomb222) leaves and david

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‘Alexander Creek II’ – The Official Trailer

'Alexander Creek II' - The Official Trailerthe long journey of truth begins with nothing. NOW !

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