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My 6 Best Tips to Make Awesome Long Exposure Photographs at Night – PLP #182

My 6 Best Tips to Make Awesome Long Exposure Photographs at Night - PLP #182To get my source files, sign up at: In this episode I show you my 6 best tips for taking great long exposure photographs during the night: 1. Shoot without using an ND filter after sunset. ND filters alter the color of your photos and when you already have nice colors you don’t want that 🙂 2. A 25 second exposure time is a good time to have nice water and clouds and this can be achieved without a remote. 3. Shoot 3 different exposures with the timer at: 8, 1

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Get Beautifully Smooth Long Exposures

Get Beautifully Smooth Long ExposuresThere’s something absolutely magical about long exposure photography. Rough water and waves turn to smooth patterns, cars vanish, and choppy clouds turn into smooth streams in the sky. I love using these types of shots for architecture, as all the distracting details disappear and you can really feel a sense of motion by capturing life’s little patterns in time. But getting the right exposure can be tricky for several reasons. First, if you need to use a neutral density (ND) filter to get a

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Daytime Long Exposure Photo Tutorial (10 Stop ND Filter)

Daytime Long Exposure Photo Tutorial (10 Stop ND Filter)Today we learn how to take amazing daytime long exposure photographs with a 10 stop neutral density (ND) filter. This is an awesome technique for photographing rivers, oceans, cars, clouds, and any landscape. Also the easiest way to make your friends think you’re a professional photographer. BUY PRINTS OF MY BEST PHOTOS: 10 Stop Neutral Density Filter: Joby GorillaPod: Camera Remote: Subscribe for mo

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Free Photo Editing Software

a small list of some great freeware software that will lend a hand at
full editing of images to software that can give small effects and colour
changes and nothing else here is an ongoing list check each site for
a rundown of what each software has to offer


Paint net




MAGIX Photo Designer 7

will add more when testing or user submitted

IMAGE LAB: 3M scientists with know-how, show you how – EPISODE 1

IMAGE LAB: 3M scientists with know-how, show you how - EPISODE 1LIVE DEMO! 3M scientists show you how to EASILY apply the new 3M™ Natural View Screen Protector to an iPad. Learn how to line it up, fix mistakes and quickly pick up dust. This takes the “scary” out of screen protector application. Watch for the other demo videos in this series – COMING SOON! Product benefits: Crystal-clear image Scratch and damage resistance Smudge resistance (3M™ Scotchgard™ technology) Stay-clean edges (3M coating protects from dust and grime) For more info or to buy no

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