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Giant Pandas Arrive In Edinburgh

Giant Pandas Arrive In EdinburghThe first Giant Pandas to live in Britain for more than 20 years have arrived at their new home in Scotland. Tian Tian and Yang Guang – or Sunshine and Sweetie – arrived at Edinburgh Airport this lunchtime looking none the worse for the five thousand mile journey. Now Zookeepers hope the 8-year-olds will settle in so well they could produce Scotland’s first native born panda cub. Sky’s James Matthews was there to welcome them.

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US Tornadoes And Storms Kill Hundreds

US Tornadoes And Storms Kill HundredsMore than 200 people have been killed and many more injured in the southern United States during severe storms that produced more than 100 tornadoes. The storms swept across a huge area, with deaths reported in Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Georgia and Tennessee. But worst hit was the state of Alabama where at least 100 people have died. President Obama will visit the state tomorrow. Sky’s US correspondent Greg Milam reports.

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How To Rename App Icons Your iPhone, iPod Touch, And iPad – iOS Vlog 248

How To Rename App Icons Your iPhone, iPod Touch, And iPad - iOS Vlog 248If you ever “hated” the names of your icon, you may want to look into Icon Renamer. With this, you can jiggle your icons, tap on one, and rename it. It is really simple and can help you out if you are trying to get the perfect touch for your iDevice. You can rename your icon to whatever you want and include Emoji as well. Add a bit of color with some of those characters. Icon Renamer is free in the Cydia Store. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Check out the show sponsor:

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